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Astrology, Fortune Pro

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Fortune Astrology (app also known as the "Horoscope + Periods of Destiny")==================================================Key features:* Astrological calculations lifetimes (on the basis of the calculation of the progression of the Moon)* Calculation of astrological activity coefficients, risk, luck* Natal horoscope (horoscope by date of birth)* The astrological interpretation of the horoscope (personality characteristics, traits, aspirations and interests, areas of life)==============================================The program includes:* Translations in 43 languages of the world* Astrological base coordinates 138 000 settlements of the world with a population of 1,000 people, and even less (names of cities in several languages)* The newest base astrological time for all the amendments submitted settlements since the early 20th century to 2014* Latest astrological ephemeris NASA declared with an error less than 1 '' (current pro version includes astrological ephemeris for 1870-2050 gg. And will soon be expanded)* Astrological Ephemeris major planets, the Lunar nodes, Chiron, Lilith, Proserpine* 20 visual themes==================================================Warning!You need to know the time of birth for accurate calculations!==================================================Differences between versions:The main limitation of Free-version are ephemeris. Astrological database is limited to 1900-2020 to 7 planets. 1990-2020 - without restrictions (15 planets). Other differences are described in detail in the program.==============================================Thank you for your feedback!